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So, I've been playing with Quake 3 and OpenArena mods. If you don't know what OpenArena is, it's a clone of Quake 3 made for compatibility with with Quake 3 mods and custom content (though you may have to get a compatibility texture pack if you want to play Quake 3 maps and mods on it). So far, I've just been making sound mods and custom botfiles.

So I'm thinking about making a showcase for my custom Red vs Blue-themed bots and my Half-Life soundpack and releasing them. They may or may not be compatible with Quake 3, but they are definitely compatible with OpenArena. The RvB bots require the Master Chief skin for Quake 3 however, so I'll include a link for that should I come to that decision.

If only I could make custom player and weapon models.

Interestingly enough, you can run Quake 3 as a mod on OpenArena, but it may be buggy, plus there's probably legal issues from doing it.

Get OpenArena here:

I made a TF2 sound mod to go with a texture mod that was recently made. Link is in the video's description.
As you know, one of my well-known traits is being a strong, powerful female. I can wreck a lot of shit.

But I don't support Feminism. It's poisoned by oversensitive wusses. If you don't agree with them, then you are a "cishet" white male or have "internalized misogyny". They endorse lying to forward their agenda. They endorse professional victimhood.

If you want more diverse characters, then for the love of god quit vilifying characters that are well-designed. Quit lying about what you're supposed to do in video games. Quit slut shaming existing female characters, hypocrites.

Stop whining about death threats. Everyone fucking gets them. Even I do. Even when attempts at my life were made, I stood above and crushed them. And moreover, quit making threats on people that disagree with you, hypocrites.

If you want women empowered, then quit with the victim act. Professional victimhood doesn't make you strong. It does the opposite. It makes you weak.


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Disclaimer: Avatar and ID was made by my friend Silverfur15, and he made it for me. If you don't believe me, ask him yourself. :3

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